Fact check fail: ThinkProgress found dead wrong about Oregon shooting

On October 2 the left-leaning media outlet ThinkProgress followed suit with Obama and wasted no time verifying pesky facts before they published a half-cocked piece about the Umpaqua Community College (UCC) shooting. This piece has now been proven to be factually incorrect, as well as poorly researched.  The group claimed in their article the assertion that UCC was not actually a gun-free zone, nor could it be, because Oregon colleges are not allowed to ban guns.

oregon gun free zone screenshot

The truth is, UCC did ban guns on their campus, as stated in their online student code of conduct booklet, and it turns out the legislation they quoted only regulates state universities. To further highlight the obvious disregard for fact checking, the university’s president, Rita Cavin, even stated in a press conference following the tragedy that the university is a gun-free campus and there are “no plans” to change security policies. It is really a shock, that while the blood was still drying on the UCC campus, this pro-democratic party front group thought it appropriate to deceitfully feed off the emotions of the public and promote their gun control agenda on a false basis? This serves as yet another affirmation that the leftist media clearly values propaganda over actually reporting the truth.