CNN cuts video feed as soon as speaker mentions Wikileaks, Clinton’s corruption

There are some videos in circulation that show CNN mysteriously losing signal, at what some may consider a very convenient time.  Republican Congressman Chris Collins’s live feed cut out just after he mentioned Wikileaks, which consequently prevented him from divulging major contradictions between Hillary Clinton’s  public and private commentary. Collins’s mention of the suppressed information was not going to be the first time CNN producers heard the story. That information was available for CNN to highlight themselves. It went against their interests and they chose not to report it. The bottom line is that  CNN knew exactly what Collins was about to say and they were prepared to shut it down.
It’s not the first time CNN’s producers had to abruptly end an interview in progress, and it certainly won’t be the last. It’s all just part of the job as a network producer to hit the television equivalent of the radio dump button in order to censor material they perceive to carry negative value.
In radio, an expletive might generate a fine from the FCC, if the content isn’t censored or dumped, allowing foul language to reach the ears of the listeners. In live broadcast television, there may be an instance where a statement or information provided by an interviewee strongly disagrees with the views of the network. It can still hold value, even  if it’s contradicted, twisted, or simply shocking enough for a ratings boost. Not everything in opposition to CNN’s views gets censored, mind you.  However, the network has made it very clear that it wants absolutely nothing to do with exposing damaging information about Hillary Clinton.
What’s bad for Hillary is also bad for CNN because they are invested in her. CNN will expose Donald Trump’s shortcomings at every available chance because it is their job to serve Hillary.It’s no secret Hillary controls the established media, it is actually a large part of her campaign strategy. There are plenty of videos and hacked emails that show just how shockingly deep the involvement goes between Hillary’s campaign and the powers that be.
Just how deep? There’s a video clip, albeit from the early nineties, where Larry King suggests to Bill Clinton that CNN network founder Ted Turner is a big fan of Clinton and would “serve” him. What’s disturbing about their conversation is that the implied definition of service comes across far more sinister then a simple media bias.
One thing we all know is that Bill Clinton loves being serviced.