Mainstream media censors San Bernardino shooting reports to avoid mentioning Islam, Muslims

Political correctness has such a strong hold over the media and the U.S. in general that the vast majority of news headlines are completely omitting the fact that the suspected gunmen who tore through a mental health center in San Bernardino, Calif., yesterday, killing 14 and wounding 17 others, are Muslim.

Syed Rizwan Farook, 28, reportedly a “devout Muslim,” and his Saudi wife of two years, Tashfeen Malik, 27, are suspects in yesterday’s shooting. Both were killed by police following a chase that ended in a gun battle. In addition to the weapons they were carrying on them and in their black SUV, the Daily Mail is reporting that they also had 5,000 rounds of ammunition and a dozen pipe bombs in their home.

Early reports said police believed that the suspects were two white males, key characteristics strewn across the internet. However, once it was learned that the suspected gunmen were Muslim, mention of their religion and/or race promptly disappeared from media reports, resulting in a complete media blackout regarding their devotion to Islam.

Had the shooters been white, right-wingers, Tea Party members or Libertarians, their political views absolutely would not have been ignored, but rather forced down the public’s throat in an attempt to demonize white people and political conservatives.

The following is a screenshot of a Google News search with the key words “San Bernardino shooting:”


Media and politicians censor link between Islam and violence

In recent times, both the media and politicians alike absolutely refused to associate violence with Islam, ignoring the religion’s possible influence on violent extremism. Following the Paris terror attacks carried out by Islamist militants, 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton took to Twitter in defense of Islam:


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