Tucker Carlson calls for protection of free speech online: fake news is ‘purely authoritarian’

Tucker Carlson has quickly become one of the loudest and most entertaining conservative voices in the journalism space. Now hosting his new show Tucker Carlson Tonight on the Fox News network, the political pundit has begun speaking truths on the largest platform imaginable. As a result, he is reaching a larger audience than ever before. Thankfully, he is using that platform to fight for freedom and truth.

Recently, Carlson decided to take on the mainstream media’s battle against the alternative media. By defending what is being unfairly painted as “fake news,” Carlson is effectively pointing out how corrupt the powers that be have the tendency to become.

In an interview with Politico’s Playbook, Carlson argued that the act of trying to silence dissenting viewpoints is “purely authoritarian.” He went on to state, “I was here when the New York Times told me that Iraq had mass stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction and the Washington Post told me that too. That was fake news and we went to war over it and thousands died and we spent trillions. I don’t believe there’s more fake news than there’s ever been.”

It’s a fair point to be made. If there is anyone who has been pushing out fake news for the past decade, it’s the mainstream media. By consistently expressing a bias against the Republican Party, libertarianism and conservative ideals, they ignore the truth and instead push their various agendas. After years of this nonsense, the average American smartened up to what was really going on and have since turned to alternative media outlets in order to discover the truth.

But once that change was made — and people finally started seeking the truth elsewhere — those running mainstream media outlets panicked and realized that they had to think fast if they were going to survive. By pretending that the real news is now “fake news,” the mainstream media has extended its life by at least a little bit longer. Of course, the truth always comes out and it is only a matter of time before the likes of CNN are revealed to the masses as being corrupt beyond measure.

We need more people like Tucker Carlson to point out the hypocrisy that the mainstream media has embodied. More intelligent people with major platforms need to speak the truth about this madness before it becomes too common. That’s the only way that our country will survive 2017.






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