ProPublica is a George Soros funded journo-terrorism organization that targets logic and reason for destruction and censorship

Have you ever noticed how progressives tend to shut down political conversations more often than they engage in them? Make no mistake, this is a crucial part of their strategy; as a matter of fact, they have no choice but to censor their political enemies. To allow conservatives to freely and openly promote their agenda would inevitably lead to the destruction of liberalism itself, since no one in their right mind would ever choose tyranny and oppression over liberty and free will. Therefore, they engage in a constant pattern of lying about the political right, and when that doesn’t work, they move to shut down free speech altogether.

In one of the more recent examples of political censorship from the progressive left, the radical, George Soros-funded website ProPublica published a piece urging companies such as PayPal to block Jihad Watch and other organizations that the Southern Poverty Law Center considers to be “hate groups.”

Lauren Kirchner, a senior reporter at ProPublica, stated that Jihad Watch’s “designation as a hate site hasn’t stopped tech companies – including PayPal, Amazon and Newsmax – from maintaining partnerships with Jihad Watch that help to sustain it financially.” Kirchner went on to point out “until recently, Amazon allowed Jihad Watch to participate in a program that promised a cut of any book sales that the site generated. All three companies [PayPal, Amazon and Newsmax] have policies that say they don’t do business with hate groups.” (Related: Here is a comprehensive list of tech tyrants who are silencing websites and destroying the freedom of speech.)

There’s only one problem with the ProPublica hit piece and the statement from Lauren Kirchner that followed – Jihad Watch is not a hate group. As a matter of fact, Jihad Watch makes it abundantly clear on their website that their mission is to educate the public on the dangers of radical Islam, and to draw attention to the way in which the jihad theology impacts the modern world. Not once does Jihad Watch mention targeting good, law-abiding Muslims, which you’d think it would do if it really were a hate group.

Let’s be honest – the progressives really are highly sympathetic of Islamic fundamentalists. If they weren’t, then they wouldn’t be defending them every chance they got, or in the case of a failed democratic presidential nominee from Vermont, excusing their actions by blaming them on global warming. In fact, being sympathetic to Islamists is part of their agenda, because the left believes it helps them get more votes during congressional and presidential elections. To let an organization like Jihad Watch spread the truth about Islamists would be to essentially put a roadblock between the progressives and their political goals for America. Censorship is their only option.

This strategy of shutting down debate before it even begins can now be found virtually everywhere, from the mainstream media, to the Internet, to college campuses across the country. Furthermore, the left applies this tactic to a wide array of political issues, but perhaps most frequently when it comes to climate change. If you’ve ever tried to have a debate with a liberal or an environmentalist, chances are you’ve heard them claim that man-made global warming is “settled science.” This too is a form of political censorship; a way for the left to shut down the debate before it even begins.

Of course, all of this is having a severe and dramatic effect on the First Amendment, which to the progressives seems to be less and less relevant each day. If this assault on the freedom of speech doesn’t stop soon, then America may one day turn into an authoritarian state – and by that point, it will be too late.

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